accidental chaos

Sam Ribakoff is more than four on the floor.

Another month, another bunch of horrible shit being done in our name, but also, more great dance music! This month we’ve got some soulful house music, some experimental footwork, and some amorphous ambient music to soundtrack you and your adventures punching Nazis and fighting white supremacy.

Chaos in the CBDAccidental Meeting EP

The title song to this EP is a classic smoky, jazzy, bottom end of the Fender Rhodes, deep house cut that should tie you down until Moodymann drops his next record.

1432 R’s Extended Family Comp 1

1432 R are the Washington D.C. label that introduced the world to the amazing sounds of Ethiopian techno via their releases of Ethiopian producers Mikael Seifu and E.R. (or, Ethiopian Records). On this compilation though they keep it mostly D.C. based, showcasing funky house bumps, acid house, and even a breakbeat track. All proceeds made from the comp will be donated to the ACLU, so make sure you buy it twice.

Neuropunk x MasitelloTuesdayz

One of my favorite things about footwork/juke music is the genre’s emphasis on its producers being able to remix anything and everything into a frenetic and ecstatic footwork jam. On this short EP, L.A.’s own Neuropunk and Masitello do just that with everything from a Toro y Moi song, to Offset’s verse from KEY! And Reese LaFlare’s “Money Phone.”

JlinDark Lotus

If you’ve never heard Jlin’s music before, you’re in for a bit of a culture shock. Her music is often lumped into footwork, but while there’s definitely the jubilant energy of footwork in her music, along with the BPM to match, Jlin is in a lane entirely of her own creation, taking cues from experimental club music, and traditional north and west African drum music. Although Dark Lotus is only two songs long, it’s going to take you awhile to figure out what the hell is going on.

Visible CloaksReassemblage

If you need to take a break from listening to the Minecraft soundtrack, then throw on this record. Visible Cloaks makes absolutely gorgeous worlds that all seem to revolve around the ideas of the sounds of water, wood, and the sheen of a new synthesiser. This sounds like the music Hayao Miyazaki must hear in his head.

SweelyAll The Reasons

I’ve never gotten the hype around Lobster Theremin, the British label that puts out tons and tons of minimal tech-house records, but this short little album is just straight up excellent New York style house music.

Real DStuck in The Realness EP

Another straight up excellent collection of soulful house tracks. You can find some of the completed tracks from this EP scattered around Waxtefacts’ soundcloud page, along with some other great older tracks from the producer Real D.

Sela– “ii”

Sela is a kid from Vallejo who’s constantly making interesting and exciting ambient inspired footwork tracks. On “ii” Sela departs a little bit from that sound, using an undulating wave of ambient sound to propel a house rhythm forward. Sprinkle in a little bit of coos from a ghostly soul sample, and you got yourself a spicy track.

Soft Fit– “Water Garden (Moss Mix)”

This track fits into the Visible Cloaks realm of watery and hollow wood music from Hayao Miyazaki’s dreams music…so definitely check it out.

Lil Derg– “Paypal Blunts (with Multirex)”

Another Dance Music Roundup for the month, another footwork remix of “Move that Dope.” May footwork remixes of “Move that Dope” live long and prosper. Shoutout to Lil Derg.

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