Chris Daly is the living swipe right.

You really don’t have to look too deeply to realize that in addition to being hard as hell, Run the Jewels go equally deep on the psychedelic tip. Who else remixes an entire album with cat sounds as the punchline to a Kickstarter joke taken to the extreme? To further cement their place as hip-hop’s most stoned lucid dreamers and creative minds, El-P and Killer Mike have dropped the first official video from RTJ3 for “Legend Has It.”

Directed by Brian Beletic, the video follows our intrepid heroes through an acid-laced police line-up, with multiple versions of themselves alongside a nun, a heavily bandaged dude in a wheelchair, a firefighting hero, a blind guy and a young, Asian schoolgirl, all while the boys in blue attempt to frame our favorite Jewel Runners. During the proceedings, Jamie chain smokes, Mike wears sunglasses, and the walls melt. Pretty much what you should expect from the clown princes of political mayhem at this stage of the game.

Claiming “Legend Has It” is the best track on RTJ3 is clearly a subjective call, but you’re going to have to trust me that it is, as I know things about stuff, and this video ranks among their finest, as well. However, I must point out one glaring misstep that arguably keeps this from being their best visual presentation to date. With literal lyrical depictions of dropping LSD and shooting bunnies, the boys really dropped the ball by not finally giving everyone the unicorn horn cock money shot the world not only wants, but needs.

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