April 24, 2017

Will Schube once played volleyball with a broken nose.

It’s not as if G Perico needed a mission statement after the release of his breakthrough mixtape, Shit Don’t Stop. But the South Central G-Funk purist’s latest single, “All Blue,” is exactly that. The track is both a day-in-the-life memoir and an introduction into Perico’s world. “I see the world in eye blue,” he raps during the song’s chorus. The accompanying video is drenched in blue—blue clothes, blue backdrops, blue cars. His allegiances are clear.

The beat is helmed by Kacey Khaliel, one half of the CaliBoyzClub. The production is bouncy and crystalline, not necessarily interested in re-inventing any genre touchstones, instead reinforcing the heart at the center of ‘90s gangster rap. If it ain’t broke…

If this is your introduction to Perico, there are a few things missing. While “All Blue” is a nice warmup, it’s too short to fully explain what makes him such an engaging rapper, namely his ability to tell a story like you two are old friends. By the end of Shit Don’t Stop, you’re as familiar with his South Central hood as he is. Also—and far more importantly—G’s unimpeachable jheri curl has given way to braids. Braids are nice. Jheri curls are classic. Bring it back, G.

“All Blue” is the first single from G Perico’s forthcoming album of the same name, out April 28th. At this point, the only thing separating Perico from the LA crown is the best regional rapper on the planet firmly ensconced on the other side of the color palette. Perico will also be playing at the Roxy on May 4th, the same spot he played at after getting shot in the leg on showday, blood dripping down his side as he rapped his ass off. I imagine it oozed a royal shade of blue.

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