Chris Daly went platinum with no features.

Not to go on a tangent, but if we can agree that it’s all about the cosign for up and comers in the world of hip-hop, then you couldn’t do much better today than to receive props and a sign-off from Killer Mike. The Jewel Runner joins Arkansas-born, Atlanta-based Cuz Lightyear on “Pots N Pans,” a track about the hustling that takes place before the big pay-off. As if his mere presence spitting verses wasn’t enough, KM is effusive in his praise of the young Bryan Jones (formerly SL Jones, because one can never have too many aliases). For those who forgot to read their programs, Mike knows of what he speaks, as Jones was in his pre-RTJ group, Grind Time Rap Game.

“This kid has the soul and melody of Bone Thugs and Nate Dogg while being as witty and lyrically sharp as the the young Fabulous with a work ethic like Master P. He is the now and the future of ATL. ‘Pots N Pans’ is a street classic for all who grind.”

The video eschews bikini-clad bimbos for low riders, dirt bikes and ATVs. You’ve got to love a player who plays by his own rules. Expect Lightyear’s mixtape, What Up Cuz to drop in the near future.

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