Evan Gabriel wrote this at 2AM.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, I all I want to do is go back to sleep. But for L.A. based singer/songwriter Joyce Wrice, that hour renders a vastly different perspective. For the past few years, Wrice has built a strong following through her eclectic R&B, soulfully floating over beats from MNDSN, DJ Harrison, SiR, and smuv, to name a few.

Last May, Wrice released her Stay Around EP, a powerful and concise exploration of the post-relationship headspace. Throughout Stay Around, Mndsgn. weaves in swamp-thick bass and ’80s style keys. The EP is steeped in heartbreak: “Tried love once, didn’t really work out, but I learned it takes time,” croons the twenty-four-year-old on “Ain’t No Need.” Subject wise, the complexities of trust and love are up front. As a Buddhist, Wrice’s practice helps to remind herself that she controls her environment, and despite the inevitable suffering, she can achieve whatever she wants.

Wrice’s latest offering is the single, “Good Morning,” produced by Jamma Dee. Yesterday, she released the Maxi cassette version via Akashik Records. The cassette includes remixes by Swarvy, Mndsgn., and Benedek, not to mention an acapella and instrumental dub. From the grainy cover art to the marshmallow-soft saxophone and fat snares, there’s a heavy analogue presence that feels wholly familiar. “Good Morning” is an ode to passionate love in the A.M.. While you can make out subtle hints of Aaliyah and Amel Larrieux, Wrice is certainly not making music within the confines of any formula. Instead, she’s working on what feels right, when it feels right, i.e. herself, first thing in the morning.

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