Daily Dosage: On Cohenbeats’ “Get Started” & “4urHealth” Videos

Chris Daly takes a look at the new videos from Stones Throw-signee Cohenbeats.
By    August 1, 2017

Chris Daly always wears his aqua socks.

Regardless of what day of the week you’re reading this, today you invariably need some more Cohenbeats in your life to help tone down the madness of the world in which we find ourselves. The LA-by-way-of-Tel-Aviv producer also known as Michael Cohen has already made 2017 that much better by dropping one of the best albums—any genre—of the year with Daily Affirmations. Lest you begin to forget just how insanely funky the album is, the mad maestro brings us a visual reminder with the video for “Get Started” and “4urHealth.”

Utilizing old ’80s footage of what is either a poolside low impact aerobics class or possibly the beginning of a really low budget porno that only Tobacco would otherwise have known about for the “Get Started” portion, the video is proof positive that Cohenbeats’ beats are at best timeless, or, at worst, link up really well with suspect found VHS tapes. We then transition into a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it interlude ad for Cohenbeats before jumping into a boat party that’s either about to break out into a Bar Mitzvah celebration or the weirdest pre-raid pirate ceremony i’ve ever seen. My advice is to view and ingest repeatedly. Your continued sanity might well depend on it.

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