Tell ‘Em How You Feel, Kenny: Thundercat’s “Show You The Way” Video

Chris Daly takes a look at the video for Thundercat's "Show You The Way."
By    October 13, 2017

Chris Daly is pouring sugar all over everywhere.

The last we saw the Armless Samurai in the video for Thundercat’s “Them Changes,” things were not looking particularly rosy for our silent hero. Having forfeited his appendages to the Man in Blue, it appeared the former warrior had resigned himself to a life of watching infomercials while his beloved wife and faithful daughter saw to his needs. While still one of my favorite Thudercat tracks to this day, I don’t think anyone would characterize the video directed by Katarzyna Sawicka and Carlos Lopez Estrada as “upbeat.” In the new video for “Show You The Way,” also directed by the dynamic duo, the man who no longer stands akimbo gets a new lease on life as the rest of us get to delight to the melodious sounds of Stephen Bruner accompanied by none other than 70s/80s stalwarts Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald.

This time around, our potential Def Leppard drummer replacement finds himself sent off to the TKM Wellness Center to ostensibly get his mojo back. Following a black glob releasing head rub, unbalanced yoga, group hugs, tears, flightless dancing, and an on-going TV show featuring our three musical performers, our amputee protagonist finally seems to have found his inner balance once again. Expect a similar effect from your own viewing and listening experience as the song simply is that good. That’s just how Thundercat and the boys roll.

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