No Dads Allowed: Buzzy Lee Emerges with ‘Facepaint’

Chris Daly takes a look at Buzzy Lee's debut new, 'Facepaint.'
By    April 27, 2018

Chris Daly is not about love.

Odds are, you’ve been aware of Buzzy Lee’s orbit even if you haven’t heard her music yet. Born Sasha Spielberg, she previously was in dream pop duo, Wardell, with her brother Theo, and has recorded a number of tracks with Nicolas Jaar, her longtime musical partner and incidentally the producer of BL’s brand new EP, Facepaint, out April 27. Oh yeah, and her parents just so happen to be Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, but we’re not really here to discuss the weight of one’s parents’ names today.  Instead, we’re going to talk about what a polished gem she’s created on her own.

At just five tracks, Facepaint really is more of an intro into Spielberg’s solo sound than a mission statement. With hazy synths, pre-programmed drums, and the occasional heartfelt piano and guitar work, Spielberg falls somewhere between Feist on the upbeat and winning “Coolhand” and Fiona Apple on the plaintive “On the Radio.”

Her distinctive, soaring, and whirling voice is well balanced with a poetic ear for lyrics, calling to mind everyone from Joni Mitchell to Tori Amos. “No Her” paints an insecure picture of a young woman worrying that her lover will discover she’s not the person she appears to be, while the aforementioned “Coolhand” questions the necessity of creating an online persona as opposed to simply being who you are. Spielberg captures the psychic drama and uncertainty that plagues a lot of the world today, no easy task.

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