Lloyd Remembers The 90s

Do you remember Lloyd? We apparently do too.
By    September 26, 2018

Evan Nabavian is a savage on the dance floor (that’s for certain).

R&B in 2018 takes a lot of its stylistic cues from R. Kelly and Drake, which is fine, but it means anything less puerile or dreary can be refreshing. “Excited” by Lloyd dropped in 2016, but it just got a video with dance choreography, 80s vibes, and smiles all around. Skipping narcissistic inner-conflict, Lloyd unbuttons his shirt all the way and proffers some dance moves. He and the backup dancers pop shoulders, spin, jump, and clap — the track’s 80s roots (The S.O.S. Band’s “No One’s Gonna Love You”) give them more license than a Tay Keith beat.

The women aren’t furniture. They groove on roller skates and they look like they actually want to be there. Everyone is glazed with baby oil and the sex is limited to adroit innuendo. “Excited” is easy to miss because it avoids the grandiose and it comes from a guy probably best known for an eleven year old single with Lil Wayne. But it implores you to have fun, which is commendable in dystopian times.

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