Not Really Here in the Traditional Sense: On Khruangbin’s “Christmas Time is Here”

Christmas is still almost nine weeks away, but Khruangbin still released a holiday single. Chris Daly investigates.
By    October 25, 2018

Chris Daly is at least a little cuddlier than a cactus.

Look, I get it.  It’s not even Halloween yet, and you’re expected to already start prepping for Santa Claus and ho-ho-ho and mistletoe and presents to pretty girls?  They wouldn’t pull that shit in Hollis.  Hell, in my house, I won’t even allow decorations to start going up until Dec. 1st, and not a moment before.  But what’s a body to do when Texas’ finest slow burn rock outfit, Khruangbin, drops their take on a Charlie Brown Christmas classic?
Anyone familiar with the Charles Schultz Xmas cartoon will recognize the track around the 26 second mark, but I’m not here to shell nostalgia.  What makes this track worthy of year-round play is that trademark Khruangbin groovaliciousness.  Mark Speer coaxes sultry notes from his axe as Laura Lee plugs the bass line and replaces the original children’s choir, all while DJ Johnson keeps things steady on the skins.  Assuming Schroeder had to grow up eventually, this is the music he’d be making.  Quite honestly, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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