A Lesson from Professor Boogie: Brandon Coleman’s Resistance

Chris Daly takes a quick dive into the new album from the Brainfeeder artist.
By    November 7, 2018

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Chris Daly played the keytar in a band he formed in high school. The recordings have “mysteriously” disappeared.

Let’s not kid ourselves, things haven’t been great for Funkateers of late. Since 2016 alone, we’ve lost Bernie and His Royal Badness.  George Clinton, the Dog Father himself, is in the midst of his alleged final tour.  And no matter how much we might wish otherwise, the likelihood of an OutKast reunion seems less and less plausible as the years roll on.  But fear not, Sir Nose hasn’t taken everything from us yet.  Brandon Coleman makes a strong argument that he’s next in line to guide the Mother Ship on his Brainfeeder debut, Resistance.

If Coleman’s name is familiar, it’s likely you’ve heard him playing keys and/or keytar with Kamasi Washington, who usually introduces him as “Professor Boogie.”  The moniker is apt, and Coleman is quick to prove the point on the airy, disco bump opener, “Live for Today.”  Here and throughout the album, the obvious comparison is Zapp, with the digitized vocal effects and Parliament version of the Wall of Sound.  Coleman indeed adds more bounce to the ounce on the opening third of the album.

At that point, Coleman doesn’t change lanes so much as shift gears as he takes things in a more Prince-like direction on the sexy motherfuckers, “Addiction” and “Sexy.”  From there, Coleman ably explores the further reaches of funkdom, from the Stevie Wonder inspired, uplifting “Reach for the Stars” to the borderline Sun Ra-ish “Giant Feelings,” with a low end so fat it’s surprising this thing can get out of bed in the morning.

Said Coleman, “This time I just wanted to create something that was really free… something original… to incorporate all the styles that I represent, because often when I’ve tried to do that in the past it’s been met with resistance.”

Ahh, twinkle, twinkle, baby.  Mission accomplished.


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