On Nérija and the London Jazz Renaissance

Chris Daly gives a quick word on the London ensemble's self-titled EP.
By    March 25, 2019

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Chris Daly is selling his solo saxophone avant jazz album at a super limited edition of zero copies.

“Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.”  While the erstwhile Ferris Bueller likely meant taking time to enjoy life in general, the advice holds equally true for music consumption.  With so much material constantly just a click away, it’s all too easy to miss something particularly kick ass upon its initial release.  Thank the Based God for reissues.

Case in point, the uber-talented, UK-based jazz collective putting out some of the most enjoyable instrumental tunes that side of the pond,  Nérija, has just reissued their self-titled debut EP on Domino Records in advance of a new full-length scheduled for later this year.  If you were unaware of the current jazz explosion taking place in London these days, no soup for you. 

Outside of LA, London might be experiencing the most meaningful rebirth of the genre in decades.  Groups like GoGo Penguin, Wilma Archer and, naturally, Nérija, are updating older sounds with their own unique stamp.  In Nérija’s case, that stamp is comprised of grooves so dance-worthy, i dare you to listen without at least nodding your head, if not outright shaking your tail feathers they way Ray Charles intended you to.

From the opening drive of “Pinkham V” to the more relaxed, but equally funky closer, “Valleys,” Nérija certainly plays with the best of them, but never plays around.  This is a collective in the truest sense, each member getting multiple chances to show off their particular skill set.  Whether it’s Sheila Maurice-Grey tearing up the trumpet on “The Fisherman,” Shirley Tetteh bubbling up on guitar on the aforementioned “Pinkham V” or the entire band falling in and out of beautiful, cacophonous joy on “For You,” this is one to add to your collection immediately.  That’s why we are granted second chances.  By now, you know the drill.  #ListenToMoreJazz

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