POW Premiere: Eto and Superior – Long Story Short

Son Raw helps bring us the newest project from the New York rapper.
By    April 11, 2019

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Son Raw stays in the kitchen.

The paint hasn’t dried on Eto and Muggs’ Hell’s Roof, which you really should check out, and both parties are already back with more music. That might seem like much until you realized every project they’ve dropped has hovered around the 30-minute mark, and while your mileage may vary, this quick release schedule for shorter projects makes a lot of sense for artists determined to avoid 90 minute event releases.

For Eto, Long Story Short with producer Superior is an opportunity to prove that he’s got something to offer without a big name legend behind the boards, and he acquits himself nicely. Superior’s production trends towards dramatic strings, vocal hooks and psychedelic samples, and the more colorful palette nudges Eto towards music that’s just as introspective as his breakout but that might also get play during the daylight hours. Take highlight ‘It’s Only Right’ – built around an orchestral loop, probably nabbed from some long lost film soundtrack, it’s a perfect backing for Eto to reminisce over a criminal past, less shit talk than confession. For listeners surprised by Hell’s Roof and looking for another course to follow it up, it’s a must listen.

Decibel Peak // Rigorous Training (...
Decibel Peak // Rigorous Training (feat. Warrior Chief)

Eto and Superior – Long Story Short:


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