Catch the Wav: On High Tides’ Paradise Daze

Chris Daly offers a short take on the debut album from the recent Rad Cult signees.
By    April 25, 2019

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Chris Daly floats through the sky holding a cocktail umbrella.

Forget Frankie and Annette, Paradise Daze, the debut album by High Tides, is the ideal soundtrack for your next beach blotter bingo party. The duo of Warren Kroll and Steven Lutes are obvious artists for the Rad Cult label (run by Tobacco of Black Moth Super Rainbow notoriety), drafting audio dreams that fall somewhere between shoegaze and ambient, with just enough freakiness on the borders to see why the two groups currently are touring together.

While you’d be forgiven for thinking this album was the latest offering from the Ghostly label, it’s the little flourishes that bring it back to the acid-soaked trajectory of BMSR.  Check out the distorted conversation on “Catch the Wav,” the Casio-level drums on “Paradise Daze” or the manipulated vox on “Lines on the Horizon.” Yes, it’s audio chicanery you’ve heard before from the maniacal mind of Tobacco, but High Tides takes the noise to the beach as opposed to the backseat of your parent’s woody station wagon for a horror double feature at the drive-in.

To bring you further into their world, HT have dropped a video for “Tidal Movement,” showing off their love love of lo-fi visuals, beach-appropriate lounge wear and Malibu rum.  Throw in some Sex Wax and sunscreen, and consider yourself ready for summer.

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