POW Premiere: Jarred AG — “Hyperspace”

Steven Louis offers a few words on the newest joint from the Chicago rapper.
By    May 3, 2019

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Steven Louis, let him type away.

There’s a beautiful, bespoke science to waking up and feeling like the shit. It’s a fragile endeavor: if you live in America, you often start your day with news of something wrenchingly tragic or deeply stupid, and if you live in Chicago, you might also catch some bitch-ass hail rain nonsense in the month of May. If you beat the odds and wake up all wavy, you’re playing with house money, the next 24 hours on Gamebreaker.

Today is Friday, and if you’re Jarred AG, today is also your muhfuckin 29th birthday. “I step outside, look around, imma fly today / I got my shorty by my side, gon be fine today.” It’s simple, but it packs considerable pop punch. Parallel park the spaceship. You know goddamn well what the cash for. Amazon isn’t paying taxes, why would the dope money?

“Hyperspace,” with Jordan Lumley on the boards and Jarred on rap/hook duties, is effortlessly cool whether it’s your birthday jam or not. Jarred slips in and out of rhyme schemes with finesse and palpable slyness. It’s catchy, icy, and it does a lot without sounding like it’s trying to. “Is it extra if you ask him why I’m acting extra?” Do you really have to ask?

A second-generation Puerto Rican raised in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, Jarred will be dropping the aptly-titled Midnight on Western later this year. His older brother, producer Smoko Ono, is also set to release a debut solo project, after dropping Very Slight with KAMI in 2018. Until then, “Hyperspace” calls for hands on deck, and it’ll be easy to oblige this weekend.

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