She Party With Uncle Luke: On KEY!’s “Miami Too Much”

Will Schube quickly looks at the Atlanta rapper's recent single.
By    May 29, 2019

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Will Schube likes all the pastry-colored buildings.

KEY penned a song about Toronto that’s better than anything Drake’s ever done, so it’s only logical that Atlanta’s most underrated has now set his sights on Miami. KEY will pop up in your city and crush your favorite till they ain’t your favorite no more. But here, Miami’s less a paradise of bikinis and beaches and more an existential terror. KEY’s girl likes Miami more than she likes him, and over pounding bass and desperate moans, KEY knows he can’t win. First verse, first line: “I try to love but I lose.” It’s rare to see the 777 star so broken and vulnerable, but love can hurt like a motherfucker. Only KEY can make it sound so good.

Over an Oogie Mane thumper, KEY searches for empathy, but the hook is too catchy to spend time wallowing with our broken hero. This is a summer anthem for those among us who sweat on the porch drinking because it’s easier than facing the drone of the A/C. He’s freezing his ass off and she’s by the pool, which sucks, sure, but Hot Toddy’s go down easy no matter the season. KEY grows harsh and resentful as the realization hits. “You got n****s openin’ doors for that ass / But I’ma be right there when they close on that ass,” he raps.

Before he completes the thought another chorus hits, but what’s left unsaid is perfectly clear: KEY’s gonna be waiting, probably drunk, but it won’t be in Miami. That shit’s too pretty.

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