Q Da Fool — “Taylor”

WIll Schube offers a quick look at the PG County rapper's latest single.
By    June 5, 2019

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Will Schube can play the main vamp of “Golden Brown” on any instrument.

Q Da Fool knows good production. This year, he put out a tape with Kenny Beats, and 2018’s 100 Keys was helmed by Zaytoven. Q has a chameleonic flow, spastic and boistrous but able to blend neatly into the pockets provided by his beatmakers. With Kenny, that meant matching the minimalist low-end rumble with a menacing, militaristic flow. With Zay, he mingled with the melody, adopting a sing-song flow without ever corrupting his style. On “Taylor,” Q’s latest single, he lands somewhere in the middle, absolutely bodying a beat that knots itself around a hypnotic harpsichord riff.

Yeah, you read that right. Q Da Fool and a harpsichord. I’m waiting for the video in which Q is top-down in Tudor-style gear. Air Jordans for the Renaissance. Here, Q doesn’t have any particular interest in the beat, swerving around it like he’s in a high speed chase. These are easy lines about bagging girls and bagging bodies, but everything Q spits has a certain desperation and gravitas to it. It’s the way his voice sounds, sure, but also the way he feels his way around a beat. It’s a unique, subtly identifiable skill, that turn even the loosest loosies (like this one) into playlist worthy fodder. Q Da Fool always finds good beats, but that’s only half the battle.

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