Song of the Day: Little Brother — “Everything”

For today's Song of the Day, Lucas Foster selects a choice track from the North Carolina group's comeback album.
By    August 21, 2019

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Lucas Foster is never gone off the wrong reefer.

Little Brother’s comeback album is a direct rebuke to common sentiments about reunions after 10 year breaks. The group has been both a cultural lodestar and critical darling since the turn of the millenium, and May the Lord Watch only works to add to their reputation and legacy. I knew the record was special when I felt myself nodding my head unconsciously to the equally seductive and contemplative “Everything.” Khrysis’s production put away any worries about 9th Wonder’s absence: try to keep track of all the melodic elements working to create the earthy, post-backpacker atmosphere on this track, I dare you. As always, Phonte and Pooh’s chemistry is special, they both begin their verses lying in their bed thinking, about “the light, dark and the heavy things” and “what idle time bring,” and finish each other’s thoughts in the last few bars in a way only a few other rap duos can. Celebration is order: Little Brother is back.

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