Song of the Day: NolanBeRollin – “Script”

For today's Song of the Day, Lucas Foster delivers this JaySplash-produced track.
By    September 6, 2019

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Catch Lucas Foster two-stepping in his Sperry Top-Siders.

For 3 hours on the night of September 5th, I was completely crestfallen about NolanBeRollin deleting his latest music video and Twitter. When I discovered Coffee Bean’s Wifi simply refused to load the music video (only his Twitter is deleted as of now). I was simultaneously embarrassed (for posting fake news) and relieved. It would not be fun to live in a universe without NolanBeRollin. Ezra Koenig’s favorite rapper is a maniac and a singular talent who makes the best music ever made by someone who doesn’t quite take music seriously. The first single off the forthcoming Ultra Beanman is everything you expect of him and more. His JaySplash collaborations have always been special and this is a great choice for his first proper music video. There is no other artist who could rap “Pull up on yo block like a stepdad” and make complete sense.

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