Caribou — “Home”

Will Schube goes in on the new single from the elusive electronic musician.
By    October 14, 2019

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We hear Will Schube sold his beard trimmer and bought turntables.

Dan Snaith has never been guided by the traditional album cycle. He tends to pop in and out whenever he feels, whether under his own name, his Daphni project, or as Caribou. It’s as the latter that he’s garnered the most success, joining musicians like Four Tet in blending the electric and acoustic, the sampled and the performed, until all reality is simply everything put forth in the music. It’s easy to forget that Snaith is one of electronic music’s most influential figures of the last decade. As Caribou, he hasn’t put out an album in four years. It was one of 2015’s best, but time moves too quickly now.

As Snaith’s discography has again slowly faded into the collective recesses of our internet brain, he comes sprinting back with “Home,” a slyly simple groove that’s an immediate reminder of his power. Over a one word sample and a drum line that seems to be shaking the dust off itself in live time, Snaith quietly assumes a falsetto and leads his lyrics into the sample that slowly unfurls: “Baby I’m home, I’m home, I’m home.” It sounds directly peeled from a Caribou DJ set, that sort of track you spend hours scouring the internet for before calling it quits. “Home,” luckily, isn’t a lost gem, but a reminder that Caribou is back. Fuck your end-of-decade lists. Caribou is ready for 2020.

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