Song of the Day: DaBaby — “Bop on Broadway”

Chris Daly extolls the virtues of the Charlotte rapper's newest, dance-filled video.
By    November 20, 2019

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You don’t want to see Chris Daly‘s choreography skills. Trust us, you don’t.

Granted, DaBaby’s “Bop” isn’t exactly new, as it was released in September as part of the Charlotte rapper’s second 2019 album, Kirk. However, he did officially just drop the video for said masterwork, so there is that. While I could wax quixotic on the pro-twelfth-wave-feminism of purchasing airfare for one’s lady friend solely on her proclivity for befriending friendly felines, instead we shall focus on the dancing.
To keep it 100, I’m that guy who will spend hours watching Faltu Logic videos of Les Twins and Hoan kill the beat Mortal Kombat-style. While even I won’t delve into “Dancing with the Stars,” admittedly, I have watched multiple seasons of “World of Dance.” While I’ve known and worked with our fearless editor, Jeff, for damn near a decade now, the only time I’ve ever been truly jealous of him in my entire life was when he landed that gig covering the world break dancing finals in Japan a few years ago. And yes, when I was a dirty whipper snapper in my younger days, you bet your ass I was locking and popping with the best of them.
So it should be no surprise how entranced I was with “BOP on Broadway,” DaBaby’s visual take on the track.  Directed by his video partners-in-crime, Reel Goats, the three minute track starts with a traffic stop before descending into corner groove madness. Following a drug deal busted by the cops, the beat drops, and damn near everybody on screen goes for theirs. Giving equal time to two split crews of male and female dancers, I’d like to give special shout outs to the dude who nails his flip at the 1:01 mark and the young lady walking on her hands just afterwards who clearly could crack walnuts with those thighs. The fact that the two cross paths around 1:21 is just strong, directorial balance, plain and simple.
To conclude things by bringing in dance crew extraordinaire, the Jabbawockeez, is pretty much the dance nerd mic drop of the year. The video comes to a close with the promise of more to come in a couple of days. I know I’ll be waiting.

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