Song of the Day: Dirty Tay — “In My Bag”

Song of the Day returns as Lucas Foster brings us a tune from the 4PF-signed Atlanta rapper.
By    February 11, 2020

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Catch Lucas Foster canvassing for Bernie Sanders alongside Kim Gordon.

Record labels, techbros, grifters, #hustlers, girlbosses are trying to colonize your ear with algorithmic data and predictive modes of social control; this is neither conspiracy theory or anime plot, but the accepted state of affairs living in the end of times. Yet no matter how much data we cede, how much resources are spent, how little we care, how high powered quantum computing becomes, this dystopic project will never entirely claim victory over the music discovery process. Rap music at its best inspires a visceral, body-shaking response, an unintentional, spine-shaking snap of intuitive recognition that can convey memetic virality through fresh air rather than jpegs.

All through Atlanta’s Zone 4 every car speaker, house party, and club is “In My Bag” playing on repeat because this song hits you at that subliminal, epidural inflection and injection point, squirting up your spine and across your entire body. It doesn’t hurt that Tay is signed to Lil Baby’s 4PF either. This track kicks off a concise, hard-hitting mixtape with features from Baby and Yung Mal that is a level above most all Atlanta street rap mixtapes released so far this year. It sounds like Atlanta’s salon of street rap traditionalists, Peewee, 21 Savage, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, have gained another luminary, another pyrex chef that adds a signature touch to the chemical compound that has hooked fans for decades.

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