The Rap-Up: Week of March 16, 2020

The Rap-Up returns with new heat from Gmac Cash, Nolan, and two joints from Chief Keef.
By    March 15, 2020

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Harley Geffner‘s got toilet paper for cheap.

Chief Keef – “Hood” & “Rihanna”

With every new Keef loosie, I’m getting more and more hopeful that he’s ready to have a real moment in 2020 (I acknowledge I also believed this would happen in 2018 and 2019). The incredible display of his Nerf gun collection shown off in the Shawty Say She Love Me / Colors video has over 3 million views on YouTube in a month, he produced the best song on Uzi’s album, and it feels like he’s in a real zone now, leaning back in to some of his spacier beat-making instincts at the exact time when eyeballs are coming back around to him.

The self-produced Hood sounds like Keef is rapping inside a dense storm cloud with electric jolts cackling all around him, and he’s clear-voiced as ever. But with Rihanna, a leftover from Back From The Dead 3, it’s the fearsome Sosa, vrooming and humming around the back of our heads like an ASMR haircut. Keef maintaining his spirit of experimentalism this far into his career is incredible. 

ComptonAssTG – “Real Crip Streeta”

ComtponAssTG’s paranoia isn’t debilitating, it’s a necessity. It’s apparent all through his new tape “Real Crip Streeta,” in which he details his daily dangers and struggles with how to react, grandma’s worries, and the lengths he needs to go to protect himself. On Did It All, TG raps “Feel like n****s tryna murk me, this is certain / Grab my strap before I look to move the curtains, n****s lurkin / my head on swivel like I’m worried.” The funky, soulful LA-style production is the perfect canvas for Compton to lay his struggles to bear, meeting the beats’ melodies at their clicking points with his frantic, growling raps.

Gmac Cash – “CoronaVirus”

Gmac Cash is taking the COVID scare as seriously as we all should be. A social distancing king, Cash spends the Coronavirus video running up on people with disinfectant and strictly enforcing shoe tap daps. And if you’re coughing near him, he’ll help the CDC find you. Every other Coronavirus song that comes out is going to be corny.

Nolan – “Gary Oak ऴिाी”

Nolanberollin’s 10 minute mini tapes feel like a respite from the rest of music. This one, named after Ash Ketchum’s rival, is no different, with Nolan fragmenting, glitching, and chopping his 90 second bursts of radioactive xylophone while running off with your Macbook. There’s a dark glow sitting beneath the whole thing that feels like it’s sucking the music down into a vortex, where Nolan decomposes and rearranges all the sounds into a medley of volatile static. And the bit starting at 7:20 is a great go at some London drill flows.

Chicken P – “Off My Chest”

Chicken P’s flows are so hypnotic, I ran this song 5 times without registering a single lyric, except the last one, which is unforgettably, “Now go hide it ‘fore the Feds come!”

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