POW Premiere: Sam Gendel & Marcella Cytrynowicz ― Nature Doc Video

POW premieres an experimental video from Sam Gendel.
By    May 5, 2020

Will Schube still wears his pork pie hat.

When Sam Gendel and I spoke over the phone last month to discuss his new LP, Satin Doll, he didn’t really have any interest in discussing the album. I didn’t blame him. Quarantine had started, and Gendel’s music has often defied verbal explanation. It’s an intuitive music; it feels foreign but easily digested. So we talked about basketball and Los Angeles and the sky. It was less an interview than a forced conversation turned friendly and strange between two acquaintances. Friendly and strange is precisely how I’d describe the video we’re premiering below, a single-take performance from Gendel, with visuals created by girlfriend, Marcella Cytrynowicz.

We asked Gendel for a quote on the video, and he kept things brief: “This is a single-take live performance by Sam Gendel using a Suzuki Unisynth XG-1 synth guitar. Marcella Cytrynowicz shot and edited the video. It was made for no reason, but it feels good to watch and listen to it.” He’s right. It feels good to watch and listen to. Enjoy above.

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