POW Premiere: Ryan Martin ― “Coma Kiss”

POW premieres the excellent new single from Ryan Martin, "Coma Kiss."
By    August 25, 2020

Ryan Martin’s career has followed a tried and true trajectory. He gravitated to the guitar as an early teenager growing up in Los Gatos, California, and began touring up and down the West Coast both on his own and with his band, Brightstone. After wearing the road out, Martin headed to NYC, where he recorded his first solo album for High Moon Records, For All The Beautiful Losers. Though I’m new to Martin’s music, I find myself instantly attracted to the title, for I am both beautiful and a loser. His chamber folk (with loosely drawn edges that constantly flirt with ‘60s rock) is made for me. 

Gimme Some Light came next, which followed the road map he laid out with Beautiful Losers, but significantly expanded the scope. Martin has returned once again with the forthcoming Wandercease. POW is premiering the first single, “Coma Kiss,” below. The track is a wonderful extension of Martin’s sweet spot, melding a catchy melody with just the right amount of cowbell and dusty, damp drums.

Though High Moon Records is most well known for reissuing excellent records from artists like  Love, Gene Clark, Curt Boettcher, and more, they’ve found a retro-leaning artist with enough originality to stand out in Martin. Mikaela Davis adds essential backing vocals and a lovely dash of classical harp to the recording. It’s an exciting introduction to new listeners of Martin, and a warm addition to his impressive discography for those already familiar. Wandercease is out October 23rd, and you can pre-order it here

Now based in the Hudson Valley, Martin seems to be following the roots of forebears like The Band who blend undeniable songwriting with an experimental edge and a desire to innovate. His songs still shine with the West Coast roots of his hometown, but Ryan Martin’s a troubadour untethered to any place but the sounds he calls home.

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