The abridged case for Young Thug as the best rapper alive.
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The Bay Area strummer needs to back Pizzolato's intro sequence
Tosten Burks hates seasons. Blink twice—and we’re 21 months removed from Acid Rap, with Chance in the stratosphere, Vic on the verge, Chop in the studio with ‘Ye, Tink with Timba, Herb with Nicki, and Louie crowned future king of Canada. Still unclear, can Bennett and Mensah’s fellow piggy bankers squeeze into the frame? And […]
Douglas Martin examines the band with more aliases than Method Man, Parquet Courts, and their new album as their pseudonym Parkay Quarts
Brian Josephs got his life validated by shaking hands with Rick Ross. Twice. Raz Simone’s Cognitive Dissonance: Part One is a good, but moody listen, and everyone acts accordingly during the listening session in New York City’s Terminus Penthouse Studio. There are empty plastic cups from the free mini bar in the back. Reporters and […]
Abe Beame is Mayor of Farmville. How important is it that your lyrics reflect reality? People have been arguing this since crack rap’s second Golden Age in the middle of the last decade.  50 Cent, survivor of 9 gunshot wounds was the biggest rapper in the world, and “international drug kingpin” Rick Ross had been […]
Slava P has his own shrine in Cooperstown dedicated to the art of haiku. Big Sean’s new album is called Hall of Fame, a title best interpreted as a lofty future goal. Bred to be the first rapper fully incubated in the GOOD bubble, Sean’s debut album Finally Famous earned a warm reception. It spawned […]
Follow Abe Beame down the rabbit hole……..(II)……. In the late 90s, prior to Napster and the slightly more meritocratic system of Internet rap, there was a type of album that would drop roughly once a quarter. A rapper you’d never heard of before would suddenly make his presence known in the Source and radio with […]
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Evan Nabavian stabbed Un and made you take the blame. Nas has officially returned from his Damian Marley-guided African pilgrimage with two new guest verses. Fortunately, all that spirituality hasn’t left Nas so high-minded (or high) that he can’t make songs called “Dog Shit” and “So Fresh.” You can’t really hail these two as the […]