David Ma
David Ma's column spotlighting the making of pivotal rap songs returns as he dives into the Black Elvis/Lost in Space single.
A few years ago, David Ma spoke to the Los Angeles rap stalwart about working with Exile, being into jazz, and label conflicts.
I Deed It is a new series where David Ma will provide oral histories of some of history's greatest rap songs. Up first is the epochal Oakland crew's 1998 single.
Around the time of the release of "Born Like This," David Ma spoke with the supervillain about his iconic mask, his salad days in KMD, and being inspired by Ghostface Killah and Charles Bukowski.
David Ma speaks with the rap legend about the legendary Juice Crew and the vaunted solo work that followed.
The members of the DadBodRap Podcast interview Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab about what it's like to explode onto the rap scene as a female MC in 2018.
David Ma, Nate LeBlanc, and Jeff Brummett presents a thorough and fascinating oral history of the legendary rap group, Third Sight.
In advance of Sept. 3rd's "Hiero Day," David Ma talks with Casual and Domino about the making of their prolific album, Fear Itself.