Evan Nabavian
Evan Nabavian is a staff writer for Passion of the Weiss, contributing since 2011 when the powers that be blackballed him for slandering Lupe Fiasco (Lupe, if you’re reading this, I am so sorry). His distinctions include being cited by name in the Wikipedia article for “Ride” by Ciara and having his kitchen depict a crack den in a Freddie Gibbs video. In 2012, he was banned from S.O.B.’s in New York following an altercation where he questioned the tenets of real hip-hop. In 2014, he shared a Pulitzer for interviewing the ghost of Tim Dog. He’s @MooseXL on Twitter and his email is his name at gmail dot com.

Currently Listening:

Tanya Morgan - 12 Minutes at Karriem's

John Barry - Follow Me

Sam Hill - The Sam Hill Story

:$oviet:France: - :Garista:

Ca$h Out - Kitchens and Choppas

V/A - Weightless Vol. 1

Selda - Selda

V/A - Panorama (MP 74)

G. Zadj & J.-P. Decerf - Action

V/A - Synthetic Music (AV 4151)

Magical Ring - Light Flight / More and More

MoneyMakinNique x Johnny Cinco - The Extra EP

Jean-Pierre Decerf - Out Of The Way

J.P. Decerf / M. Baroty - Publipot

Epkitan - We Come From The Trees

Raekwon - We Wanna Thank You

François De Roubaix - Les Plus Belles Musiques De Films Vol 2

François De Roubaix - Les Plus Belles Musiques De Films Vol 3

Dorothy Ashby - Dorothy's Harp

Strict Face - Marble Isles

Roger Davy - Patchwork Orchestra 5

Philippe Besombes - Libra

Hydravion - Hydravion

Hyrdravion - Stratos Airlines

Besombes-Rizet - Pôle

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - No2

Ennio Morricone - Veruschka

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