Has this ever happened in rap history? Has there ever been a remix to a major hit single where they dry-erased all verses from the original rapper himself? Is this merely a sign of defeat? An acknowledgement that Trinidad James would get “1 Trained” alongside Tip, Jeezy and Tity? Or this just a ploy to […]
Almost a quarter century after their heyday, 2 Live Crew samples remain the best non-chemical party starters. File this track under: if you liked “Pop That” and “Bandz a Make Her Dance….” I like that Trina obviously recorded her verse before 2 Chainz was added to the song. I like idea of a strip club […]
Deen is having his wisdom teeth removed. Pay Pay the man some money for morphine. Believe me when I tell you that the most interesting thing about 2Chainz’s T.R.U.Realigion mixtape was Cap.1 one’s appearance on “Turn Up.” I’m serious. When that tape dropped in Winter 2011, I was deep in the throes of confusion with […]
By Deen
This song is a genre of its own: Marble Floor, Ivory Pillar, Mount Olympus rap. Cold, hard, and gaudy. Regal and tacky at the same damn time.  This is the latest single from French Montana’s Excuse My French, which might actually do the unthinkable and excuse him from his sins of being the worst “hot” […]
You know where Deen stands on those who are soy latte only. Disappointingly, our boy Rocky seems to have settled for the French Montana “Pop That” approach for his newest lead single. Also known as the “throw the kitchen sink of name recognition at em” approach. This shit isn’t nearly as cynical or derivative as […]
By Deen
Today is my birthday. Henceforth… Watching this video forces even the most optimistic souls to confront their own mortality. It makes you wonder where you’d like to be buried. Do I want to be turned into a pile of gold dust encased in glass at the Louis Vuitton Store? Or would I prefer to be […]
I will defer to the YouTube commenter who claimed that Juicy J is a gangsta rap fairy godfather teaching the youth the secret to taking strippers home. Whoever wrote that is the greatest critic alive. When lexicographers study the meaning of the word “ratchet,” they will watch this video and the original gem that set […]
Slava P dances like a white man with the confidence of a Ukranian man. With a name change and a new career Tity’s album is finally here Some hits were expected and it’s far from perfected but don’t expect play past this year Yuck feat. Lil’ Wayne Hurried strings and kicks lift extension cord punchlines […]
Evan Nabavian is mostly not lying. I might get pilloried by team Passion for writing this, but I think Drake kills it – absolutely kills it – when he makes music at the exact right point in his menstrual cycle. “No Lie” counts among the five Drake songs I like, the first four being “Best […]
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Deen knows why they hate you and it isn’t your ladies or because you drive Mercedes’. Baby baby. A minute for rebuttal please? Thanks. We’re never going to agree on the matter of technique (or lack thereof). The man is gash. Period. There’s nothing interesting about the unpredictability of his mediocrity delivered in the most […]
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