Busdriver is too often overlooked when people reference the LA underground rap and beat scenes of the last decade. He and Daedelus set things off around 2002, the former interpreting the helicopter chop style of Freestyle Fellowship and CVE with his own warped mind full of “undigested idioms.” While his frequent collaborator Deadelus liberated beats […]
So it has risen. A full review coming after digestion. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves. Hallucinogens recommended but not required. Download: ZIP: The Underachievers – Indigoism (Left-Click)
The Return of Teebs January 17, 2013
Last year, quiet as kept, Teebs dropped The Cecilia Tapes, a 300-pressed CDR with hand-made artwork that he sold at live shows and the HVW8 gallery. There were rough unmastered sketches, but they still tapped into the elemental deciduous beauty of everything the Brainfeeder family artist has released. You should acquire it if you can. […]
Photo via LA Weekly The Essential Mix is both challenge and a rite of passage. You get two hours to summarize your entire style, selecting songs that have influenced the entirety of your musical career. There are a bunch of routes to take. You can lean heavily on your our own music, stay current and […]
There is a particularly inane acronym called “F.O.M.O” (fear of missing out) that people regularly quote in an attempt to convince themselves that it’s better to stay at home and watch “Downton Abbey.” I don’t have a television, but sometimes, you end up being lazy and staying at home because you assume that moments repeat […]
You don’t wanna’ hotbox with Chris Daly. Following a string of nearly incoherent gibberish, the first comprehensible words on The Gaslamp Killer’s Breakthrough are: “You understand what I’m trying to say?” That sums up his Brainfeeder LP debut pretty well. The work of an obviously febrile brain, the Los Angeles by way of San Diego […]
Out of all the artists on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint, The Gaslamp Killer is the only one who makes music that sounds like he feeds on brains. Check the cover: half man, half machine, the mustache and mane shrouded in the darkness. We trippy. I’m working on a long feature about Willie the Kid, so […]
This site’s aesthetic is easy to describe. Dirty, dusty, drugged. Digital or analog, the drums ought to clap, the guitars should be sharp, the raps rugged, the fuzz should be ferocious. Okay, you get it. Unless, of course, the song is good and then all subjective preferences are packed off on a floating iceberg. Belle […]
Howls and the LA Ryat June 7, 2012
More Dali and Moving Castle than Ginsberg, Ryat’s video for “Howl” finds her animated analogue bewitched under a full moon and murdering senior citizens with something called skandy. Ostensibly, that is candy for skanks (word to B. Stiller). But there is nothing sordid about the music. It’s hypnotic harp-riddled electronic layered with vocals reminiscent of […]
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Son Raw is an urban hippie minus the long hair and overly-sincere attitude. OK, just urban then. Some groups are easier to like than love and others are easier to love than write about. LHF falls in the later category as RZA-influenced junglist beat music will be awesome long after bloggers have run out of […]