Mexican wrestling masks, Afu-Ra hair, stray cats, and strong blunts comprise the short list of shots for “Act IV | Scene IV-V-VII,” the mini-movie from the agnostic Buddhist, Chester Watson. Ennui is rarely this unnerving. There are rare Japanese snacks and bodegas, villainy fit for a Dumile, and a monotone style fit for your favorite […]
Dirty and drugged loops that sound like something Capadonna would’ve milked a cow over. Bring forth Chester Watson, head full of scabs, frame full of high blood pressure, kicking these rotten samurai skeins. Higher than Hemp heads, rugged as Hempstead. This is just 96 seconds of severed arteries and bullion bars. He tweeted yesterday that […]
Twenty years beyond the triumph from the G-U-R-U, the wild one with the monotone style, comes the monotone Samurai. Chester Watson, the Tin Wooki, the 16-year old with St. Louis blood, a Georgia address, metal-faced ancestry, and worries piqued by witches curses, too much weed, and/or the struggles inherent in being a teen prodigy. Stress […]
Bumpin “Ridin’ Dirty” with the barrel clean, the baleful and bashful asshole, C. Watson aims to take aim on the latest leak from Tin Wooki. He doesn’t want you to make comparisons, but every artist doesn’t want anyone to make comparisons, because no one else is smoking their weed. Every pair of blackened lungs is […]
Son Raw summarized the appeal of Chester Watson’s music by linking it to those teen memories of summer nights discovering weed and wild sounds. The used CD bin is the Internet trough, but the ideas are still the same and the smoke is stronger — even out in the South. Unlike many of his peers, […]
Chester Watson, Noble Spaceman December 16, 2013
Stealth as swept, Chester Watson drops the all-instrumental Space Nobility EP while the rest of the realm numbs themselves on Year-End lists (ours start tomorrow, we are only better at being no better). The self-proclaimed Shogun of the 4th Dimension produced it all himself, which means that he is now rapping, making his own videos, […]
The eerie beat courtesy of Art Vandelay, latex legend. The raps from Chester Watson, teenaged rap original smoker, Midnight Marauders bumper, dreamer, phantom believer, captain of the pot smoking squadron, a fish out of aqua, mouth full of hot bars, rolling with villains and the nonchalant ensemble. Drinking fruit smoothies while calling himself an agnostic […]
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Chester Watson Sees Colors October 29, 2013
Chester Watson continues his quiet rampage, grabbing for vodka and weed and a pair of sunglasses. The Nu Age monotone messiah maligns post-racist myopia, teenaged angst, and suicidal thoughts. Just a minute and a half sketch, but enough to add to the growing arsenal. The writing is taut, the mood is tense, and it passes […]
Chester Watson, the 16-year old samurai sword swinging, albatross slayer and lo mein connoisseur decapitates another track. I previously compared the bird and word murdering navigator to Yasel Puig, but Chester knows the right bases to throw. If there was a low-key part of Odd Future’s influence, it’s that Earl helped make writing smart lyrics […]
Jay Z, no umlaut, no hyphen, will be insanely jealous should he ever stumble across “PicBascassquiato,” even if he’s not even into the Internet like that. 16-year old, Chester Watson (rap game, Yasel Puig) delivers the new portmanteau of Sean C’s favorites. I dunno if Mark Rothko is in here too, but I’ll give Chester […]