Were you aware that these guys smoke drugs? It’s true and they will tell you about it for the next 45 minutes with elan. Elan is a new strain of weed that you can get at the dispensary down the street. It’s an indica, bro. I’ve always thought Roddy was the best of the young […]
Deen’s original draft was written in psychedelic fonts. So the long-awaited sequel to How Fly is finally here. And it’s more or less what you’d expect: a pleasant, competent and occasionally excellent collection of songs about the lifestyles they lead. If I have to spell out what these two are rapping about in this space […]
One of the marks of a memorable rapper is when they write a line that should be a cliche, but somehow isn’t. Gates gets one off with “white and red whips like a Marlboro sign.”  This may be my favorite song from Luca Brasi, but it has seven or eight rivals. To it’s credit, it […]
Has anyone ever been as prolific and consistent as Curren$y. He’s approaching iron-lunged Cal Ripken Jr. status. If you count his work with Wayne, he’s been releasing projects on the quarter system for approximately seven years. His discography is as long as The Temptations. I mean, dude was in the second iteration of the 504 […]
Deen’s from Houston, you know how he’s coming. I’m fairly certain that February 3rd’s, New Jet City, is yet another Currensy freebie (intended to commemorate N’awlins hosting the Super Bowl), so I’m left wondering how and why the man decided to let this one go for free. Look at the star power on this shit! […]
By Deen
Curren$y is Priest Andretti November 2, 2012
Max Bell is Bishop Fittipaldi. Muscle Car Chronicles, The Stoned Immaculate, Cigarette Boats. Spitta Andretti has been on his Max Julien in 2012. And now, as Priest Andretti, Curren$y, a.k.a. The Stoned Cinephile (residuals), has cast himself as himself in his second best offering this year. While Cigarette Boats is Curren$y’s best tape this year […]
For all we know, this new track from Mario Andretti’s most stoned son could be a new single, an old cast-off, or a blunted session that occurred last night in the laboratory. What we do know is that this is another modest gem from the man who spends his money on expensive cars, smoke and […]
You say no to ratchets, MobbDeen can’t. This isn’t the best song on Trademark’s latest mixtape, Flamingo Barnes, but it’s the perfect excuse for me to let y’all in on a rap bloggist secret: writing about Bob James’ “Nautilus” is always a good and convenient starting point for a post. I shouldn’t have written that, […]
By Deen
Se Llamo es Max Bell. La música de Harry Fraud es bueno. Pero la música de Harry Fraud con Curren$y es fantástico. Juntos, ellos nos dan Los Barcos de Cigarrillos. Lo siento. That’s what three years of high school Spanish and Google translate will do for you. Cigarette Boats is Miami Vice. It’s the gangster […]
Deen forgets but never forgives. I’ll never forgive Curren$y for letting Wale’s voice be the first thing we’d hear on this album. I’m so hurt outchea. Just so we’re clear that I’m not the only one that feels this way, here’s a comment from a reader over at my blog: damn @mobbdeen my thoughts exactly. […]
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