In an epic interview, the Alpha Pup founder and Low End Theory co-founder discusses his life, music, and career.
For the first time, all Low End Theory residents did an interview in the same room. It happens to be on the new episode of Shots Fired. Such things are made easier when your co-host is one of the five residents. If you’ve ever wondered the backstory behind one of the most influential music weeklies […]
After a three-week hiatus due to the Hellfyre Club tour and various chicanery and illegal schemes, Shots Fired returns with an episode loosely devoted to Jimmy the Burnout. Daddy Kev, co-founder of Low End Theory and founder of Alpha Pup, came through and added context on Nocando’s career. I chimed in with questions about his battle […]
Congratulations to the Low End Theory podcast. It is now 21 episodes deep, old enough to legally drink. However, I suspect it has been illicitly imbibing for years, considering its frequent disappearances and loose-limbed approach. Thankfully, it has returned, now with 24 percent more wolves and gangs. When I interviewed Syd tha Kid many full […]
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I Know You Got Soul February 1, 2011
Sometimes you tell yourself that you’re going to wait until 8 p.m. to smoke, and then other times the audio leaks from the Low End Theory takeover of DJ Muggs and Mr. Choc’s Soul Assassins radio show. Two hours of mixes from Daddy Kev, Nobody, and Gaslamp Killer. Roll it up, light it up, smoke […]
In the nick of time for Labor Day Weekend, Daddy Kev and Baths drop the 17th Low End Theory podcast. Ready for your day off, Kev kicks things off with a Ferris Bueller sample and enough heavy bass to wake Mr. Rooney out of his perpetual coma. Later Baths drops a set suffused with Cerulean […]
In lieu of being able to actually enjoy the Airliner’s lax weed policy and jumbo-sized Fat Tires, the Low End podcasts offer an ideal window into what makes the weekly so unique. But until now, they’ve neglected to feature Nocando as anything more than a host. Wisely, Daddy Kev enlists his Alpha Pup protege and […]
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