Recommended for the car thieves, miscellaneous flockers, getaway drivers, black lunged, paranoid vagrants, gun runners, strudel connoisseurs, wearers of both loose and tight pants, and fans of rap music. Danny and Bronson, beat by Al, from the GTA V soundtrack. Enjoy with a coffee and a danish with a chisel concealed inside it.
Danny Brown is a lyrical rapper who stays paid. Lyrics can, in fact, lead to paying 100 racks in taxes a year. Danny parties like a Roman senator, but refuses to dumb it down like an American senator. He has stayed hungry and rowdy. See also: this new video from “Attak,” which I already hailed before. […]
Danny Brown is probably the only rapper who sounds right over these type of intergalactic trap seizure beats. America might not have understood Dizzee Rascal, but they are ready for Danny Brown — at least if I am to believe the pandemonium at every festival he plays. The track taken from Rustie’s new album. Glasgow […]
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Max Bell can sing a hook like Alicia Keys Summer music festivals have become synonymous with performances from the current crop of DJs du jour. If you’ve the funds or connections necessary to attend any one of the major festivals this year, you’re bound to see (or at least past by) one man alone on […]
Will Hagle reverse engineered his backpack. In my head I am creating a roster for an All Star team of rappers that I mostly can’t understand but still recognize as genius. For some reason it is a baseball team but Tony Parker is still MVP, MF Doom is behind the plate in a catcher’s mask […]
Love or loathe Gucci Mane, there’s no denying the scope of his influence. Young Scooter sounds like he came as an understudy to Guwop’s drowsy assassin in Spring Breakers. One of the guys in Migos could pretty much destroy “Wasted” every night in rap Karaoke. While Chicago’s ZMoney owes a heavy debt in beats, flows, […]
Max Bell is on a liquid diet You probably weren’t checking for Danny Brown in July of 2008. (I wasn’t.) Sure, you might’ve if you live in Detroit or had friends who attended The Shelter regularly. There’s also the possibility that you frequented,, or that you were one of the 11 people to […]
Evan Nabavian only drives drunk on Wednesdays. On “The D.U.I. Song” Starlito narrates a night that begins with a few beers and ends wrapped around a telephone pole. He makes the Saved by the Bell reference before you can, and the characters, plot, and setting reveal a deft storyteller with a firm grasp of narrative. Starlito […]