Respect due to the estimable Matthew Africa for blending this mix of 40 Fonzarelli jams. For those overwhelmed by 40’s abyssal catalogue, this is a perfect place to start exploring the work of the greatest rappers of all-time. Beyond an ability to stretch his voice into cartoon cadences while rapping at slurricane speed, 40 invented […]
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“The kind of career I’m having at this age defies logic,” says E-40 on Revenue Retrievin’ (Night Shift), but the Bay area legend’s continued relevance in a genre that places youth at a premium isn’t hard to explain. Surround yourself with talented youngsters like the Jacka and Laroo to keep you honest, rap over hyphy […]
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POSTED IN The El-P remix of Justin Bieber has caused me to squander valuable time deliberating which unlikely combination and sampled “Bitch” hook is superior. As this is the Internet, people will pretend that it is not a legitimate question, but it is. There is no way that a Too Short, E-40, and 50 Cent album […]