Brian Josephs thinks OutKast and Dave Chappelle performing in New York City and Remy Ma being released this summer is too good to be true. Merriam-Webster defines soul music as a “popular style of music expressing deep emotion that was created by African-Americans.” It’s a clear explanation, but it’s also a pretty malleable one. The […]
This, in fact, looks exactly what I might expect a ghost raid to look like — as channeled via Playstation. Found via Steady Bloggin. Sounds and secret codes beneath the jump.
Son Raw distilled the appeal of Fatima Al Qadiri’s sound when he wrote about her a year ago: those are the chillest 808 booms you’ll ever hear and the steel drums are straight up haunting. It also adds gravity that Qadiri has one of the better narratives you’ll hear this year: she’s Senegalese-born to Kuwaiti […]
This sounds vaguely like On&On Badu as circulated through the modern funk filter, which cannot be a bad thing. Waiting on the Danny Brown interview and feature to drop at Pop & Hiss, so I can run the uncut version here and not cannibalize myself. Consider this is a temporary stand-in and a good one […]