Paley Martin speaks to the Major Lazer member about his new solo album.
Peter Holslin Most excited about: Swans – To Be Kind Swans’ 2012 album, The Seer, was a colossal slab of sweaty music the likes of which you could only expect from a legendary New York noise-rock band like Swans. Stretching out for two glorious hours, the album found Michael Gira and his ’mates channeling the […]
Unlike the Cult of The Lizard King, we at Passionweiss aren’t always of one unified mind. Behind the scenes we often debate serious subjects like Jay-Z’s favourite yoga positions and if Young Thug should get a third lip piercing. Luckily one thing we can agree on is that most of our picks for 2014 will […]
Music listeners are essentially dopamine addicts. The chemicals are secreted every time we hear a song we love.  We all remember the CD that changed us from casual listeners into audio fiends. Maybe we enjoyed the smooth grooves of a boyband or decided Sisqo had some street cred, but there’s nothing quite like discovering that […]
When it comes to the music industry, the wrong sales records are being set. Soundscan tabulates album receipts in steady decline since their peak in 2000 — a year when close to 800 million albums were sold. In 2009, the figure dropped to just under 400 million. This year, the week of August 8-14 witnessed […]
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