Chris Daly asks permission to come aboard, sir You don’t have to enjoy the mind expanding properties of shrubbery to enjoy the music of Flying Lotus or his rapping alter ego, Captain Murphy, but as this clip from Adult Swim proves, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Before the animated short even really begins, we see two […]
On some “want my old shit, buy my old album,” Flying Lotus drops a 330 MB folder’s worth of outtakes, unreleased drafts, and sketches that have been collecting dust. This is a preemptive strike against those who figure to be baffled by his latest left turn. These are scraps, but they’re very welcomed, considering he’s […]
Chris Daly wants to be Finn. If you’re looking for a show that somehow combines the wonder of navigating through the travails of tween-dom with evil snails, hipster bears and talking candy canes, Adventure Time clearly is for you. The criminally slept on show has been a favorite of mine since it started a couple […]
Influence is unpredictable. During the late 90s and early 00s, common sense and chart placement led you to believe that DMX, Ja Rule, Jay-Z and Eminem would eventually spawn a thousand rappers mimicking their vocal quirks and rhyme schemes. And you would’ve been right. But artistic lineage often takes jagged and unpredictable turns. Some artists […]
Narduwar Vs. Flying Lotus October 28, 2012
In which the pair talk Dre, obscure jazz records loosely connected to Lotus and parking lots. Narduwar has a career in the CIA ahead of him if the gifts and guerrilla school of journalism doesn’t pan out.
Chris Daly defines quiet differently than you or I. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, or so I hear. When you’re the grand-nephew of jazz luminary Alice Coltrane (the wife of John Coltrane), and the de facto guru of the LA beat scene, people tend to expect a lot from you. Throw into […]
Disregard the rumors that this is a tribute to Elaine Benes’ boyfriend, David Putty. Yet the mechanics remain sound. Enter ethereal dancing robot music. Not to be confused with the sad robot twerk waltzes of Future and/or the Drakebot 3000. The loose concept surrounding Flying Lotus’ fourth album (queue Mad Rapper clip)  is that it’s […]
The word rumbling around Low End Theory last year was that Flying Lotus and Empress Badu were recording a joint album. That explained the DJ sets in Lincoln Heights, the public Tweeting, and the trail of pixie dust that briefly lingered in the Airliner after she graced the club. Recently, Lotus revealed that the songs […]
In which Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Captain conspire to win the 2012 Award for Madvillainy. I’ve said this a million times, but the Rawkus-turned-Rick Ross fans who scorned Doom and Madlib fans forgot that mainstream music has always been influenced by underground ideas. Sometimes it takes a generation. Why else would Kanye […]
Tosten Burks isn’t gonna lie. He had to look up the world clairvoyance. We’re at the point where all of the mythology and controversy that fueled the Odd Future rise have become reasons why they originally got attention and not reasons why they still should. Earl is back. The cockroach has long been digested. Every […]
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