You without Will Schube is like Harold Melvin without the Blue Notes It’s no fault of their own that every time I hear a Fool’s Gold track, I yearn for Foreign Born. The two bands are fairly incestuous, with plenty of crossover between the groups. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything Fool’s Gold has put out […]
Max Bell can sing a hook like Alicia Keys Summer music festivals have become synonymous with performances from the current crop of DJs du jour. If you’ve the funds or connections necessary to attend any one of the major festivals this year, you’re bound to see (or at least past by) one man alone on […]
Will Hagle is looking for his activator.  Reducing Bay Area rapper 100s to a shadow of his pimp rap ancestors would be reductive. The truth is that 100s is comprised of shards of several other artists from various musical backgrounds. He talks a Short-esque pimp game, sure, but he also hails from the same city as the Based God. […]
The Dao of Donnis June 22, 2012
Max Bell still won’t co-sign Uffie. Donnis is bad. And I don’t mean that like how Michael Jackson meant it, which is more meaningful I think. His music is made for stuck up white girls with too much money and guys who like them. Which is another way of saying it’s for the ‘hit next’ […]
How Fool’s Gold Fooled Me September 24, 2009
When I first heard Fool’s Gold in May of this year, I pigeonholed them as trend-hopping Echo Park poseurs who decided to play afro-pop following a weekend of smoking cotton candy kush, snorting Dexedrine,  and listening to “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” on repeat. As you can see from the video above, they seemed too happy, […]
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