Adam Wray calls it how he wants to call it. Having spent nearly two months with “Suit & Tie,” I’d given up on it growing on me. I’d chalked up my initial disappointment to unfair expectations, but the truth is: it’s a junk tune. It’s heartless mall-funk, simultaneously limp and uptight, overstuffed and empty. It’s […]
Adam Wray wrote that Onion headline. I work in a boring office, spending 40ish hours per week sitting at a boring desk, staring at boring spreadsheets. I complain about my job a lot, but beyond paying a decent wage, it gives me total freedom to listen to music all damn day. At a time when […]
The History of Four Tet January 15, 2013
Back before Biggie died and dub started stepping, there were the early experiments of Four Tet — now curated, collected and self-released on his Soundcloud. This is Best-Of his early work between 1997 and 2001. There are hints of the unwieldy folktronica tag that came later and his roots in rap production. The British love […]
Vote Aaron Frank for Secretary of Agriculture. Around my fifth listen of Jamie xx’s new Four Tet remix, I noticed a Soundcloud comment that almost exactly mirrored my feelings on the track. “Totally incredible. It’s the future,” the comment read. And while the first part might have been bombastic praise, the second part about it […]
Even when Four Tet says nothing it’s a beautiful use of negative space. That’s the take home test given to Kieren Hebden when asked to remix The xx’s “Angels.” His on-point answer is to accentuate the strengths of the British mild-pop trio and mask their shortcomings. He fills in the silences with heart beat and […]
It’s a little strange to play this song at 10:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning at the demise of July, but no one is paying for my trip to Plastic People nor my Molly. What’s wrong with you people? Is everyone not on dope. Here, we have Four Tet remixing his former boys from school, […]
A cursory skim through the mixes that Lunice, Hud Mo, and Four Tet dropped last night on Diplo’s BBC1 Xtra show reveals the strain of American rap music that’s permeating the UK consciousness. For most of the last few years, the only type of rap you’d hear on these BBC1Extra mixes would be Doom, Mos […]
Still trying to decipher whether this is a tribute to the nuclear explosion of a star, the fabled PBS program, the Chevy ride, or a paean to Steve Novak. Fun fact: Burial is a huge Knicks fan. What’s so striking about Four Tet and Burial’s collaborations is that you can almost dissect who did what: […]
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Yeah, you thought that Sach was the only one trolling Rinse FM for obscure instrumental grime and bass records, but you thought wrong. I too have been known to sift through the podcasts of the seminal London station in order to win friends and influence people (friends and influence may be limited to the dog […]
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Aaron is still going to be Frank. You can still be Garth. Here at Passion of the Weiss’s Good Time Shamanitorium and Produce Emporium, we’re not shy about showing our respect and admiration for British DJ Mary Anne Hobbs. While her long-running BBC show quickly became a platform for introducing new artists and labels, her […]