Chris Daly speaks to Chris Alfaro, aka Free the Robots about moving to the Philippines, his inspirations, his Filipino roots and more.
Listen to this mix made for the site from Lefto, one-half of the excellent Karavan alongside LA's own Free the Robots.
Chris Daly has eyes in the back of his dread. It has come to my conclusion that Free the Robots is not the moniker of one alleged Chris Alfaro, but is, in fact, a prime directive from a funkily deranged Mother Ship floating just above the planet’s atmosphere. Think I’m lying? If his latest Alpha […]
Inexpensive Robotics March 31, 2010
Admittedly, I get occasionally over-enthusiastic in my hometown pride — consider it overcompensation for the previous decade in which I hung my head with shame. But it’s worth noting again that Free The Robots’ Ctrl Alt Delete is a great album and now finally available for purchase. For those in town, the release party is […]
Science has failed us. We were supposed to get hover conversions and robot vassals who could keep our sky castles tidy, while making us homemade guacamole and new-fangled old fashioneds. Yet as the new millennium rolls into its second decade, the most popular robotics involve Megan Fox’s stilted theatrics in Transformers.  Granted, there is Robot […]
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