David Ma's column spotlighting the making of pivotal rap songs returns as he explores a highlight from the Los Angeles rap crew's 1993 album Innercity Griots.
Max Bell  has been known to sit on park benches. Snoop is a stoned lion who thought making an anti-gun song with wheelchair Jimmy was a sound decision. Dre continues to make headphone money (and will probably never release another album in his lifetime). Ice Cube makes more movies and TV shows than music, if you […]
Max Bell values cleanliness before Based Godliness. Kenny Segal and Self Jupiter are, respectively, the hip-hop equivalent of Pulp Fiction’s Marcellus Wallace and Winston Wolf. And not solely in their physicality. Together, they are the new and notable avant-rap duo—The Kleenrz. Self and Kenny have crafted, at least with “Filthy,” the single off of their […]
Slammed on a deadline that I may or may not make. So a quick link to my Times interview with Self Jupiter and the emphatic recommendation that you make it out to the Fellowship reunion show tonight at the Echoplex. There was supposed to be a full-length feature but to loosely paraphrase Zevon, “shit’s fucked […]
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