Alex Dwyer reads another book on Gil Scott-Heron to disheartening results
Dweez hasn’t stopped listening to Hotter Than July since July. “It was hot, unnaturally so. You dig? The kind of heat that changes your mood and your attitude. A nondiscriminating hope-to-God-some-cold-beer’s-waiting-that-I-can-bathe-in hot. Like a combination microwave and a dame with big tits on Spanish Fly rubbing up against you like she wants to melt you […]
Sach O shouldn’t be writing before coffee. I suppose if I’m up posting this early on a Saturday, I should say something about the untimely passing of Gil Scott Heron. I’m not a fan of writing obituaries for people I never met so I’ll keep it brief: look past all of the “forefather of Hip-Hop” […]
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Failed Hollywood Pitch Idea #164: OK, here’s the story see: you’ve got a veteran jazz musician, down and out, history of drug addiction, but with the wisdom of a guy who has seen HELL AND FURY. Let’s call him Morgan Freeman. One day while singing on the corner he stumbles across a posh, callow but […]