Harold Stallworth didn’t grow up in the nation’s capital. Washington D.C.’s go-go scene is challenging to cover. It’s still a live genre, so in order to document and report on the city’s active bands with any kind of authority, a journalist would have to venture to hole-in-the-wall venues in Prince George’s County and rub elbows […]
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Harold Stallworth is aging gracefully. Last Friday evening, a dear friend was kind enough to offer me a spare ticket to a concert they were contracted to review. The Smoker’s Club Tour was hosted by The Fillmore, a 2,000-patron capacity theater located in downtown Silver Spring, Md., not far from my favorite cluster of record […]
Harold Stallworth is in the club singing off-key. Sometimes a go-go cover sounds absolutely nothing like the genuine article, and more often than not, we’re all better for it. When the TOB Band—former home to up-and-coming D.C. rapper Yung Gleesh—repurposed Ron Isley’s “Contagious” and The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly” during a performance at Gary’s Cafe […]