Shady Blaze wake up. Shady Blaze stretch. Shady Blaze cut up the paper. Shady Blaze break up the dro. Shady Blaze be grouchy. Shady Blaze light it up. Shady Blaze feel better. Shady Blaze go to the store.  Shady Blaze handle beef in the streets. Shady Blaze trust no one. Shady Blaze observe things. Shady […]
Within Oakland’s Green Ova Underground crew, Main Attractionz attract most of the attention. “Attention” being relative to the minor maze of the rap blog world. If what I’m saying doesn’t make any sense, allow me to point you to Yours Truly’s new video that breaks down the group and their home terrain. But for my […]
Above the Clouds April 25, 2011
“Main Attract cloud rap/lo-fi indie rap, dog I’m fucking with that.” — Danny Brown. You can infer a few things from the above quote. The first is that The Hybrid probably burns through as many blogs as he does blunts. The second is that we’re stuck with the “cloud rap” designation for the time being. […]
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