Harold Stallworth has never seen a G-Unit licence plate. Living up to a moniker as swaggering as “The Genius” is an uphill battle. But in the Autumn of 1995, Gza planted his flag at the summit of Mount Wu-Tang with the release of Liquid Swords. The watershed album cemented his place among the rap industry’s […]
It’s A Cold World October 6, 2010
The Liquid Swords instrumentals are providing the soundtrack to my sorrow at watching Roy Halladay destroy the Cincinnati Reds like a Afghani-built bomb embedded in a cork of champagne. I found this floating around the Internet last week and have been meaning to post it ever since. Many moons ago, I wrote a 1,200 word […]
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Parts of this interview originally ran last Friday at Pop & Hiss. Words from the Genius. How did you end up collaborating with The Black Lips and King Khan? Originally, it came about through my manager Heathcliff [Berru]. The bands were fans of Wu-Tang and I and we decided to perform together. It worked out […]
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