Slava P’s name is Slava P. Coltrane. Pusha T’s name is his name. This seems like a trivial thing for a 36 year old man who has been in the rap industry for over a decade to proclaim, but here we are. For the entirety of his career, Pusha has never been an island. He […]
Slava P slept easier after writing this. What’s the biggest problem with J.Cole? It depends on who you ask. For some, it’s the fact that he’s constantly compared to legends on a shaky precedent: he raps and produces, so he must be the new Kanye or he rhymes outside a first person perspective and tells […]
Slava P had a pocket full of ass whoopings, but unfortunately, there was a hole in it. The only thing people can agree upon when talking about Lil Wayne is that he’s incredibly polarizing. This partially lies in the fact that he’s an easy target for criticism with his absurd fashion choices, unexplainable passion for […]
Slava P is suddenly thirsty for a Bud Light Platinum. Pusher Love Girl Melodious croons about various vices and chunky loving Suit & Tie Luxury, focus- group rap. Done in a trendy, catchy, falsetto Don’t Hold The Wall A call to dance with Timbo making Timbo beats; lazy songwriting Strawberry bubblegum A romanticized theme of […]
Slava P found out what happened to that Boy George cassette. What happened to Terrence Thornton? The braided half of the former “under-appreciated” (his words) pairing The Clipse has abandoned his daily rituals of working the Virginia corners and slinging cocaine in favor of flights to Hawaii with Kanye and building on his #menswear collection. […]
Slava P is so bout it bout it, he only goes by the first letter of his last name. Long Live A$AP A dream-scape intro with a Coldplay impression over rainy beats Goldie A radio smash about flaunting your newly acquired items PMW (All I Really Need) feat. Schoolboy Q A spaceship soundtrack with the […]
Haikus by Passion of the Weiss staff. Sorry/Not sorry. No one gives a fuck about songwriting at all anymore, that right? Animal Collective — Centipede HZ Avant guardians? Or a bunch of man-children Scribbling on samplers? Sung Tongs was the one Great album recorded by These dudes, give it up
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Slava P’s favorite Dalmation is Pongo. Intro Ambient set-up to an album whose cover you have to replace. Paperbond Fame means you never need to admit what your song titles really mean.
Slava Pastuk was on the Rihanna Jet. Spiritually.  Fresh Out the Runway Grating synth noises and overexcited drums make for Minaj-lite Diamonds Gaudy but catchy with sparkles of brilliance, logic excluded. Numb Drowned and low sirens with droning vocals, aided by “Slaughterhouse Em”
Slava P bought a tomb next to Howard Zinn after listening to this album. Ayesha Says (Intro) Familiar qualms offered by poetic sis: like angry Wale. Strange Fruition feat. Casey Benjamin White guilt overload over deconstructed strings and loose metaphors. ITAL (Roses) Pedantic lectures: pseudo-intellectual rap-pleas & pander