Ryan Kim speaks to Hodgy about sobriety, moving to Toronto, accepting the past and more.
Will Schube takes a look at the new track from Hodgy.
Tosten Burks is tired. You can argue that these Ladera loons are played out, but you can’t say they’re not all improving as artists. The absurdly titled PNCINTLOFWGTKA off of Casey Veggies’s new mixtape, the name of which doesn’t really matter, is grinning, grimy proof of this. Tyler’s production is just Neptunes enough to turn […]
FAT TAPE – March 2012 March 27, 2012
Abe Beame is in a different world and you kind of look like Jasmine Guy. Download:  http://www.mediafire.com/?zg79d7f82wf3bz7  Hodgy Beats – “In a Dream” As most people observed when this dropped, Hodgy’s Untitled EP is a vision of what OF could’ve been if the internet didn’t ruin everything. To me, the projects harkens back to when […]
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Tosten Burks isn’t gonna lie. He had to look up the world clairvoyance. We’re at the point where all of the mythology and controversy that fueled the Odd Future rise have become reasons why they originally got attention and not reasons why they still should. Earl is back. The cockroach has long been digested. Every […]
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Tosten Burks only used the word “swag” once in the writing of this article. Everyone knows the story by now: faux-rebellious suburban skate punks drop staggering amounts of staggeringly crude haunted house rap onto message boards and quickly skyrocket to the top of the Internet on the backs of indignant teens and intellectual Caucasians. It’s […]
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A Moody Blues sample can go a long way. “Mystery” makes Hodgy sound like Lupe Fiasco’s evil little brother and after the bloodbath that was Lasers, there is a clear lane for that. For all the disdain that most of Odd Future show for 90s rappers, it’s a mistake to accept Tyler as the sole […]
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