Max Bell is on a liquid diet You probably weren’t checking for Danny Brown in July of 2008. (I wasn’t.) Sure, you might’ve if you live in Detroit or had friends who attended The Shelter regularly. There’s also the possibility that you frequented,, or that you were one of the 11 people to […]
Despite the world’s most boring introduction thanks to me not having coffee prior to the show (as Remedy said: Never Again), there is a new Shots Fired. Our quests were House Shoes and Quelle Chris, who are pretty much the best podcast guests in the domain of podcastdom. Naturally, the show quickly got bizarre. Pro […]
The Dilla deification can get a little over-the-top, so it takes something singular to get me to add more tinder to the fire. But the unflappable House Shoes (who I recently profiled for LA Weekly) comes up clutch once again with Volume 2 of his King James Mix Series. The latest edition blends the original […]
Evan Nabavian sold more powder than Johnson and Johnson. Inviting your friends over to remix Biggie songs is a really dumb idea unless you’re DJ House Shoes and your friends are today’s eminent left field rap producers. Shoes sent Biggie Smalls acapellas to his buddies and came back with a pack of experimental remixes, a […]
Because on Black Friday, there’s nothing less appropriate than a podcast devoted to white rappers. The Earwolf description is below because I can’t remember a word that I said: “Detroit DJ/producer House Shoes and LA rapper Busdriver join Nocando & Jeff Weiss this week to discuss white rappers. The guys talk about the origins of […]
Danny Brown subtly breaking down the potential for problems between Kobe and Dwight Howard. Between this and “Grown Up,” the Hybrid has starred in two of the best videos of the year and he doesn’t even have a new album out. Impressive. Don’t sleep on House Shoes either. He is one of the most quotable […]
Conventional hip hop logic holds that the DJ is enduring a long slow slide towards California Condor status. You could theoretically argue that things have gone downhill since Kool Herc essentially invented the genre. Serato has brought every amateur out of the Pioneer Speakers. Rappers can and do play live shows from CDs. Computer production […]
DJ House Shoes-“Newports” September 2, 2010
I was going to post the “You Ain’t No DJ” video, but there’s no point in pretending that you haven’t already seen it. However, you may not have seen the excellent video from House Shoes, which taps into my innate nostalgia for unremembered times. House Shoes never gets the credit he deserves. Talk to anyone […]