Amy Müller speaks with the Houston Rap Tapes author about the influence of Southwest Wholesale, banging Screw, and not getting an interview with J. Prince.
Pete Tosiello takes a look at the scattershot career of late Houston legend, 3-2.
The new video from Maxo Kream and Joey Bada$$
A debaucherous interview between Grime producer Letta and Houston hero Beatking. The two talk about about rap, gear, young producers, and strip club chicken.
The Sauce Twinz aren’t about surprises. If you conceived a stereotypically 2015 Houston rap video, you probably wouldn’t be far off from this. No chrome spinners are invoked. But there are shout outs to Screw and enough double cups to keep the great-grandchildren of styrofoam magnates in mink. The hi-hats are in trap triplicate, the […]
Torii MacAdams has a PO Box in Broad City Inherent to “discovering” new rappers is to confront fear. It’s the fear that the next song you click will be so thoroughly backpacky that your appropriately-sized sweater is going to turn into a XXXL Triple 5 Soul hoodie, that everything in your iTunes will transform into […]
MobbDeen ain’t have no muffin money It’s immediately clear from the opening twangy notes of “Break” that you’re listening to some shit in the tradition of classic Pimp C all the way down to newer beat-smiths like DJ Burn One and Big KRIT. Basically, country rap tunes. Credit for this earthy concoction, give or take a cowbell or two, […]
By Deen
Torii MacAdams learned how to rock leather pants from DeVante Swing Houston is, demographically, significantly more Hispanic and Latino than Black, and has the third largest Hispanic population in the United States. Despite the strength in numbers, Houston’s rap stars are traditionally Black, with Hispanic and Latino rappers constituting an even further underground sub-culture. In […]
Jimmy Ness was born at Fresh Fest. Introducing Undergravity, the self proclaimed “funkiest duo in Houston” consisting of Atom Bomb and Mastermind After Cash. The Space Jammers recently joined forces with local freestyler Dante Higgins, who you’ll recognize by his higher vocal pitch. In the process, they released a video for “My Town” the other […]
Rap music for those trying to buy DaVinci paintings, jam Killa Season in their car, and fuck Seal’s ex-wife. So almost everybody. Cory Jreamz sneers that his DJ left him like Garnett did Rondo and says that he’s going to swap him out for Eric B. This is art-rap for the enraged with style and […]